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Last month I was looking about the Tacomaworld.com marketplace and spotted the bumper I wanted for my truck to replace the stock one that was rusting out. After talking with the guy, it was settled and I arranged to have it shipped to me. The bumper was it perfect shape and just needed a fresh coat of paint. I chose VHT satin black roll bar and chassis paint to match my rear and got started.


Once I let it finish curing, I mounted it up and wired in the turn signals, which required a new flasher relay to accommodate the LED’s that came with the bumper. Mounting the 101 lb. bumper with the 3/16″ plate skid that came with it was no easy task and required quite a lot of patience to get it on right. Once it was mounted though, it definitely took a toll on the suspension. So much so that I was on the phone with CruiserOutfitters the following week pricing out a complete suspension for the truck to replace the weary 13 year old shock, coils, and leafs. Another week later and this was at my doorstep.


Not only was this a new complete suspension, but the beefier coils and leafs meant I would be riding about 3″ higher as well. My friend came by last weekend and we got to work on the swap.


Most of the bolts and nuts were so rusted on the old suspension that we resorted to using the sawzall more than the wrench. This made the project take much longer than it should have. But, once we got it all on, the results were amazing.


The ride is stiff now, but its considerably better than how it used to ride. The old suspension was so worn that it couldn’t take many of the bumps in the terrible midwest roads. It is said that the new suspension will break in as well. I also have two add-a-leafs for the rear leaf packs if I need more load capacity in the future, which I may. If that is the case, I’ll likely need to level the front with the trim packer I have. Time will tell. For now, money well spent!

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