A New Light

I finally got my new tail light installed and working. I ordered a Radiantz LED Flex Array with integrated turn signals. I had to get a connector, Deutsch DT 6 Pin, to wire it to plug into the factory harness.

I got the Flex Array so that I could bend it to match the curve of the tail piece. I cut two pieces of angle aluminum and used Loctite Power Grab double sided adhesive tape to stick them to the underside of the fairing and the LED to the aluminum. I can’t express how satisfied I am with Loctite’s product…I definitely recommend it. Here are some pictures of the mounting.

When I first got it wired up, I didn’t have a left turn signal (only 8V on the wire). Took it up to Ducati after a week of troubleshooting and they determined that the foul was in the dash ($1300 replacement). So the tech suggested I just pull the outgoing left turn wire from the harness going into the dash and splice it to the left front hot. I did that this evening and its fully working!



And as a bonus to get the full effect of the swap, here’s a video!

As a side note, a lot of bike owners will complain about the voltage leak to the LED turn signals causing them to remain dimly lit with the bike turned off. You can see the voltage leak in the right turn signal in the video. Removing the wiring from the dash harness and splicing it to the front also alleviated this issue, but only for one side, since I didn’t splice the right because it was already working.

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  • H:

    Hi I’m interested in doing this mod how long of a led strip did you use? Also was it hard to get the wiring for the taillight out of the metal tubing it is in and how did you end up doing that?

    • admin:

      Hey there,

      I believe I used the 10″ strip. You can measure around your tail piece to see what you like. Make sure you get the dual element circuit and wire it in-line. To get the wires out of the tube without cutting the connection off, you have to pull each connector out of the stock plug and take the plug off. You’ll need a very small flat screwdriver or punch to depress the clasp holding each wire in the plug. There are probably some videos out there on YouTube to show how to do this if you can’t figure it out.

      Good luck!

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