The next round of DR modifications are underway. After the Rocky Mountain Loop ride, I decided that I wanted my bike to have some more ‘blip-ability’. The stock BST40 carb is just so unresponsive. So I set out to look for a new carb to replace it with. I also started my search for the elusive x40F0x titanium GSXR1000 muffler for the exhaust modification to compliment a new carb.

A month or so ago, the exhaust popped up on ADVrider and I pounced.

I was able to get the can, Keintech mid-pipe, mount, etc., all bolt on ready for $250! It arrives Tuesday. The next item to find was the carb. The most popular carb upgrade for this bike is the FCR-MX 39mm from other various bikes as written up by MX_Rob. These tend to be fairly expensive if all the proper mods are done to them to work on the DR. However, my friend that I’m staying with in MO has had one sitting on his shelf for the past 4 years that was given to him while he was interning with Polaris. It is off of an ’08 Outlaw 450 and essentially exactly the same as the version on the KTM 450 bike’s! What are the odds he had the exact carb I needed!


The modifications to the carb have already begun and I’ll be sure to post up more as it progresses! The first modification was to make an adapter to bridge the gap between the smaller width carb and the airbox sleeve. Everyone that I’ve seen make this modification goes straight to machining a piece out of aluminum for this, and while that is probably the best idea, I went down to O’Reilly’s and picked up a 2-1/8″ I.D. exhaust piece, ground it smooth, and pressed it on.


Anyway, more to come as I continue the mods to adapt this fine piece of engineering to work.

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