Energica Ego

Back in Cali and already experiencing some of the great opportunities I moved back here for! Last week I had the great fortune to be able to demo ride an electric motorcycle! Here is a brief ride report with pictures of Energica’s Ego electric superbike!


The bike is simply unreal. The first thing you notice when you sit on it is that something’s missing. There’s no clutch. There’s no shifter for that matter either! The whole left side of the bike feels naked. You turn the key on and the LED dash lights up like christmas! Modes and dash settings are controlled by an easy to use button with the left thumb. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to what is displayed on the dash you’re ready to take off. But how does that happen…do you just twist the throttle?! Not quite. The bike isn’t running… To get the bike to respond to the throttle, you hold the front brake and hit the starter button. Yes, its where a normal starter button is. A LED on the dash lights up saying GO with a green up arrow.


A small twist of the throttle and the motor starts humming as it inches the 560lb superbike forward. Some fancy work with the controls and the motor can be put in reverse too! Yes, this bike has a reverse, powerful enough to back the rear tire up a curb! I didn’t use the reverse much… The Energica rep, Eric, powers on my Duc and the two of us leave off to start our ride. The bike is incredibly tame at low speeds thanks to the motorcontroller’s settings. It won’t actually give you full power until you hit a certain speed. Instead it ramps up the power gradually. No, this doesn’t mean its like a scooter off the line, it simply means you aren’t going use the 140lbft of torque to flip the bike on top of you!


A few minutes into the ride and we hop on the freeway. A big handful of the throttle has the bike accelerating like a bat out of hell and a wide grin on my face. I’m hooked, simple as that. The instantaneous power is something so strange from a normal combustion engine. Coming into the turns and to red lights, I would still find my self grabbing at a clutch that wasn’t there and down shifting the air. From stop light to stop light, I’d wring the throttle and hold on as the bike would threaten to leave me hanging in mid air. The ride was like nothing I’ve experienced…and I need more.


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