Final Prep

As my friend and I made final preparations for our latest planned adventure ride, I still had one more modification to complete before the journey. A couple months ago I ordered a windscreen for the DR650 from Screensforbikes. Talked with a great guy, Peter, that runs his business in Australia to have one of the nicest windscreens for this bike shipped to my friend’s house where the DR resides.

Mounting was simple and after a couple test rides with it taped on, I drilled the three required holes into the headlight shroud to mount the windscreen. This windscreen doesn’t block all the wind, which is preferable since I want to still be able to be cooled on the hotter days. Instead it relieves the pressure of the wind from my chest, therefore reducing fatigue.


With the windscreen mounted, I wired in a new power plug for the GPS and for my heated jacket liner. A future modification will be to figure out a better wiring solution!

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