Full Retard Tacoma

On the way to Colorado a few weeks back, the truck encountered some problems. Midway through Kansas, the Tacoma was struggling to make power and in some instances, could barely make it up a ‘Kansas hill’. If you are familiar with Kansas then you’ll know how bad that is.

Thankfully, the engine flashed some check engine codes and I was able to determine that the issue was with one or both of the knock sensors or their wiring. My assumption is that there was a short or a problematic sensor that decided to tell the engine to fully retard the timing to avoid a knock. So my lovely truck went full retard through Kanasas!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the greatest news since I couldn’t determine which sensor or whether it was the harness without taking the engine apart. About $600 later, I had two new sensors and a new harness and took the time to tear down to the block to replace the malfunctioning parts. I wasn’t going to do it a second time which is why I got everything.


The truck is now running well again and the oil and spark plugs are scheduled to be changed this week.

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