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As I prepare for this year’s adventure, it became apparent that a few more modifications would need to be made to the DR650. Planning is underway for a trip to the Canadian Rockies, to be detailed further on the Reise page. Given the climate and the fact that last year’s trip through the American Rockies left our hands frozen on more than one day through the rain, heated grips have become a necessity!

I ordered a warmer kit from Heat Demon that installs under any standard grips. The kit comes with everything shown below and pretty good instructions on how to install.

At this time I also did some other modifications that made it prudent to also replace the stock handlebars with a 7/8″ aftermarket bars that Chris had in a box from a previous bike. I got to stripping everything down and got the new handlebars in place first.

With the handlebars set, I added the heat coil pads as per the instructions.

I then tidied up all the wiring and utilized an open jumper in the wiring harness up by the headlight to provide power to the switch and grips. I mounted the switch on the left hand side using the bottom bolt on the clutch mount.

I did not like all the clutter on the bars themselves from the RAM mounts for the GPS and Spot so I got a couple different RAM mounts that utilize the top clamp bolts instead of taking up space on the handle bars.

The new mounts worked out great and now I have my tie down points on the handlebars back! We went on a long test ride later that day and the grips performed wonderfully. The high setting is just about perfect to get the grips warmed up and warm up your hands through gloves. The low setting was used once my hands got warmed up to keep them warm without being uncomfortable. We’ll see how they worked when its colder out!


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