My Next Tourer…Again

After much debate with Chris, I have decided that the best tourer to accomplish all of the trips that I want to do is going to be the bulletproof DR650.  So, in another year or so I will get another DR650 for myself and a DRZ400 for my wife.  The cost of the bikes plus the necessary, and unnecessary, modifications will still be thousands less than a BMW F800GS that I originally wanted to get for 2-Up adventures.

The DR is a bike that can do the miles without any fuss, is cheaper than most other bikes of equal function, and easily modified.  If I was stuck in the middle of nowhere with a limited tool kit, I’d rather be on the DR than any other bike, plain and simple.  It has one carb, no coolant to lose and is one of the most temperature-stable bikes out there with the oil cooler, and the current model has existed relatively unchanged since ’96 because of it’s elegantly simple design. That means lots of donor parts if needed.  If it got us across the US without any trouble, surely it can take me to see the rest of the world!

Here is an epic example of before and after DR650 modifications.

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