Onto The Dragon and Into The Sky!

It was a very crisp morning and we waited until around 10-11am to get going. Even then, the temperature was only upper 40’s! Man was it cold. Of course there were those among us, who will not be named, with their heated gloves and Gerbings liners who would beg to differ.

We decided that it would be more fun to go up the Dragon, then down, so Dean took us on a route that brought us to the western end of the Tail. I don’t think I can overstate how gorgeous the land is in the mountains of Southern Appalachia! No time to stop for pictures as we headed up the mountain, tires sufficiently warm to start dragging knees and killing the Michelin Man!

What a spectacular road! Everything that has been said about the Dragon is true and we were lucky enough to come at a time when the road itself was practically empty! It was pure bliss. We soon found ourselves at Deal’s Gap and took a breather to look around.

And stare in wonder at the tree of shame.

After seeing the photo, Chris and I promptly went online to order some!

Next it was off to the Skyway, a mile high. I decided to pull out the point and shoot for some action shots.

Day two started with another exhilarating ride into the mountains. A little after noon we ended up at Two Wheels on Suches in Georgia. It was a great little place with food, lodging, camping, and great motorcycle decor.

After we finished our lunch, we headed over to the motorcycle dealership that is open on Sunday and perused the shiny bikes!

Then it was back on the road to find our way home for the day.

Sunday greeted us with a cool 68 degrees and clear blue skies! Simply incredible. Dean elected to sit this one out. I think running Helga to the edge had taken its toll. But Dean had found us a great route to take and, according to the touristy map, it was a 9 hour loop! …we knocked it out in 6.

Our loop would take us up the Cherohala Skyway again where the temperatures would drop a full 10 degrees!

We then wound our way back down and into North Carolina. From there we would continue on a loop that would take us down into Georgia again somewhere on Wayah Road! We stopped on an outside curve somewhere heading up Wayah Road to rest and check out a cool little waterfall. After laying down, I was able to snap one of the most vibrant shots of the Ducati I have ever taken!

This was a simply amazing trip and a great end to our riding season.

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