Our House

Our new house in Taylorville, IL. This post will document all of our ongoing updates and work.




Shed (plans for this soon)

Back side




Dining Room (temporary office)

The day after we got in, work began on the office to get me set up asap. We just moved out of an all brown toned wall house and said enough of that. So the first thing to do was paint.

And brighten it up with a light khaki color.

Parts for my sit-stand desk and chair in place for measurements.

The white on the wall will be frame and covered with plexiglass for my whiteboard!

Oh the joys of home ownership.  See the rest of the office work here.

I drew up plans for the workspace in my garage, figured materials, and set off for the lumber yard. I then started building a new workbench. I decided that the best use of space would be to build the space bench I had back in San Jose only slightly smaller, since that bench was a little tall and too deep. I thought to make some movable work stations and was able to finish the first one today. I built a cart with the remaining materials to: 1. Fit tightly in a corner of the garage. 2. Hold a miter saw. 3. Hold all my other power tools that make dust and debris so that I can use them outside conveniently.

I also finished setting up the garage.

Started on landscaping the house. Still have to finish parts of the back.

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