Overland Tacoma: Stage 1

It has been just over a year since I moved back to California and I have been busy! Three months in and I was off on adventure in the Sierra Nevada with my truck and that weekend of off-roading and camping got the gears turning. My truck needed a lot more modification and TLC if I wanted to keep this up.

First on the list before I even went on the trip was replacing the CV axles since the lift had busted the boots on the old ones on the move out. The worst part was trying to get the dust cover off of the hub.

The bane of my existence…the other side looks much better. I ended up having to sacrifice a flathead screwdriver to the grinder gods to make the right kind of chisel. Oh well.

Like a boot…

Next, I decided to do the diff breather mod since it was incredibly easy and worthwhile. Communications were also something that I wanted on the trail so I got started on the CB install as well. The diff breather mod was as simple as everyone has been saying and was completed in about 15 minutes.

The old breather…

The new wrapped with teflon tape, just because.

Ran the hose up and zip tied it in place with some extra slack.

Drilled the hole for the new breather.


Then onto tearing apart the dash, running the antenna cable, mounting the external speaker, and tuning.

This is the bit of the dash I cut out so that the CB can sit more recessed and flush.

I mounted it in place then put the dash back together. This actually was a lot more involved than it sounds since I had to run the external speaker wire and antenna coax out and then tidy up the rest of the wiring, since I’m a bit anal, and snap the dash in before anything moved…

I think I got the CB in a good place and just barely sticking out.

I ran the external speaker over to the driver’s side just under the floor vent.

I finished running the antenna coax back to the rear of the truck where a BAMF CB mount holds the antenna. I ran the coax along the outside of the cab, down into the storage box next to the rear seat belt, and through this little hole which I made sure to seal up with silicon when I was finished.

And here is the finished product on the inside.

I spliced the power into the 12v outlet here…

And grounded the radio here.

BAMF Antenna mount holds a 4′ Firestick. The 3′ that I had didn’t give me enough height above the roof and a swapped it out. Mounted the antenna bracket, and then the antenna.

After all that, I topped off my front diff with some Lucas oil to replace what spilled out during the CV install and replaced my supercharger belt. Then onto Eagle Lakes and the first off-roading in California!

Stay tuned for Stage 2!

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