Restoration Realized!

Welcome to the final installment of the build! I left off with the wiring and that is where I will continue…in a bit. First, because its beautiful, I got the front fender put on as soon as I got it back from the painter.

Then put the seat badge on.

And the clip-on’s arrived!

Now, onto the wiring after that easy stuff was done. I got the taillight mounted and wired to the brake light switch, which only works on the rear brake.

I then disassembled the light switch to rewire and diagram it.

Then ran the wires up to the headlight.

In retrospect, using just red and black wires gets tricky for a wiring diagram and tracing wires… Oh well. The wiring got done regardless.

I also decide to switch the chain guard out from the scrambler one I have to the Mach 1 style. I think it was the right choice. I got a piece of pipe foam for the tank spacing and it turned out perfectly!

I got the levers ordered and installed and just had to finish cutting the cables for each one. Once cut, I soldered the news end on which was actually pretty fun. Here’s a video!

I tidied up all the wires and cables after that.

Then on to setting the timing.

Then adding oil!

Finally I was ready to start it.

I realized after I couldn’t get it to idle without choke that my timing was still off. Had to fix that and adjust the mixture a bit and it finally ran perfectly! And just in time for the tank!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my year’s work!

And as an afterthought, since the fuel tank is 5 gallons on a tiny little bike, I decided to take up some space in the tank with some fuel cell foam.

First ride!

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