Honda CB175

I got a ’71 Honda CB175 for $300 in the Autumn of 2011. Saying it needed a bit of TLC was an understatement at best…yes that is a T-shirt for a seat cover.

Since it barely ran and needed quite a bit of work, I tore it down and restored it as a cafe racer.  I have a build thread on chronicling the build. Since then, the bike has been sold to a happy new owner. A gallery of the images from the build is below.  Enjoy!

As a 175 owner I could tell you that it’s a fun bike, but mostly for city driving or twisty mountain roads.  If you are light enough and it’s in the right state of tune, it will go up to 90mph.  It is the highest reving twin honda ever produced, red lining @ just over 10,000 rpm stock. With minor porting, jetting and timming adjustments will go 11,000 rpm. Vent your brakes and you wont have to worry about brake fade. It is far from a “freeway flyer” though. If you’re a fat ass, this isn’t the bike for you.

This bike is designed for acceleration, revs and handling.  In the city it’s a great deal of fun because you can use the whole rev range and the power to weight ratio is pretty good, 270 lbs for 22hp.  The gearing is really aggressive and brake fade is not as much of an issue at lower speeds.

But the best thing about the 175 is that you can ride like a madman all day and still get 80MPG.


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