Ducati 250

In January of 2013, I sat down at Ducati Bike Night in San Jose, CA with a guy that happened to be parting ways with some of his old Ducati project bikes that he never got around to.  I told him to hang on to one for me and I would be back to get it.  In August of the same year, I flew back out there for work, made arrangements and the bike arrived at my house a few weeks later.  It is definitely a bitsa that seems to have started life as a Monza, at least as far as the fenders are concerned.  It is a 5-speed model and seems to be missing only a few, though essential, parts.


I also met up with one of the most experienced men on the planet when it comes to the Ducati 250.  He’s raced them, owned them , worked on them, and has a shop that’s crammed with parts for them.  I took it by his shop out in Hayward, CA before I left and we spent the afternoon discussing the bike as well as what parts it needed to get running.  He has all the parts I need and I was able to barter a few now and will send for the rest later.  He also recognized the work that has been done on bike and knows the guy that did it.  Based on that, he said that the motor is more than likely set up to race!

I have some ideas of which direction to go with this bike yet, but the first step is to get it running then rolling down the road.  After that I may see where I want to take it.

The less horsepower a motorcycle has, the more it can teach you.” –Ben Bostrom

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