RML 2014: Day 3

Up to this point, neither one of us had so much as dropped our bikes. ...up to this point. IMG_2282 Read the rest of this entry »

RML 2014: Day 2

We woke up early, packed up and headed into Lake City for gas, ice, and a good breakfast before the big day. This was a really big day! We covered so many passes, at least 5, and then trekked all the way to Utah after that. But what a day it was! IMG_2142 Read the rest of this entry »

RML 2014: Day 1

Tuesday morning we slabbed it from Denver to Salida, CO. It was freezing that morning and we had to stop at a little diner north of Buena Vista to eat and wait out some of the chill. IMG_2108 Read the rest of this entry »

RML: Video Teaser!

We are currently in Evanston, WY at the end of day 4! This route has been so amazing so far and I can’t thank its creators enough…you know who you are! I have 40GB of video footage and plenty of pictures as well. It will definitely take me a few weeks to sort it all out and piece it together. ¬†However, the final ride report should be incredible!

RML: Teaser

I've got a moment before packing up in the motel to share a couple pictures of the last two days in Colorado. It was simply amazing and even better than the last time we went through. This is mostly attributed to the fact that there were no wrecks or accidents and we packed our bikes right this time! I will post up a full ride report on our return. img_2158 Read the rest of this entry »