RML 2014: Day 4

We rode along the ridgelines catching some spectacular views. IMG_2314 Read the rest of this entry »

RML 2014: Day 3

Up to this point, neither one of us had so much as dropped our bikes. ...up to this point. IMG_2282 Read the rest of this entry »

RML 2014: Day 2

We woke up early, packed up and headed into Lake City for gas, ice, and a good breakfast before the big day. This was a really big day! We covered so many passes, at least 5, and then trekked all the way to Utah after that. But what a day it was! IMG_2142 Read the rest of this entry »

RML 2014: Day 1

Tuesday morning we slabbed it from Denver to Salida, CO. It was freezing that morning and we had to stop at a little diner north of Buena Vista to eat and wait out some of the chill. IMG_2108 Read the rest of this entry »

RML: Video Teaser!

We are currently in Evanston, WY at the end of day 4! This route has been so amazing so far and I can’t thank its creators enough…you know who you are! I have 40GB of video footage and plenty of pictures as well. It will definitely take me a few weeks to sort it all out and piece it together. ¬†However, the final ride report should be incredible!