Canada Adventure 2015 Day 1

We arrived in Big Fork, Montana on Monday night after almost 30 hours in the truck hauling the bikes to our starting point for the journey. Some might say that we aren’t true adventure riders for trucking the bikes instead of riding, but let me stop you right there… If you aren’t familiar with the American Midwest and the Great Plains states, there isn’t a lot of adventure to be found there! Besides, 14 hours per day on a dirtbike, all highway, no thanks. Time was a factor and we wanted as many days available for the real adventure riding!

We set up camp at Outback Montana RV Park & Campground, which I highly recommend if you’re in the area. After that, we rode down the road to a Restaurant on the lake shore called The Raven. This place was incredible! You could dock your boat right at the back, and walk up to get a drink or food. We ordered our dinner and sat and listened a great live band play! The pictures weren’t the greatest quality, but you get the idea.


After a hot, but nice, night of camping we were up with the sun to pack up and hit up a local diner in Big Fork for breakie. Then we unloaded the bikes, left the truck at a gated storage lot, and headed North. A half hour later we entered Glacier National Park and turned onto the Going-To-The-Sun Road to begin our upwards climb.


The road was incredible! Although half of it was closed due to wildfires, we still rode up to the summit pass before turning around and coming back down, which was just as much fun! On the way down, we turned off the bikes and simply coasted. We had the rode to ourselves more often then not and shenanigans ensued… The day was gorgeous with a cool breeze added to mostly sunny, we couldn’t have asked for more.


Reaching the bottom, we de-geared, grabbed some lunch and began the long slab around. Highway 2 was terribly mundane but the route got a little more exciting once we got on Highway 89 North. The first part of the road out of Browning, MT was under construction for miles, and this meant that it was all gravel and dirt and bumps and jumps and our first bit of ‘off-road’ fun. Sorry, no pictures.


Eventually we came to Highway 17 which lead us to the Canadian border. This road was a lot of fun, very twisty with great views throughout this two lane blacktop. The border crossing took all of 5 minutes and we were off into Alberta! We slabbed it for a bit before turning off on a Forest Trunk Road into the foothills of the mountains. This first gravel road followed the Shell Canada pipeline. This eventually wound into areas of National Parks where we saw a lot of RV’s and campers with their dirtbikes and other OHV’s. The road was criss-crossed on either side with tons of two track ATV trails and we took advantage of that to have a bit of fun. Now Chris may say that on one such area, I highsided on the DR and ate it hard. However, all the cameras had ran down their batteries and there is no evidence to support these wild allegations! That being said, I do wish that Rev’It would have placed the pockets for their shoulder armor in a place that actually covered the entire shoulder. Because, otherwise, what’s the point!?


Eventually we made it to our campsite for the night at the Lost Lemon Campground & Cabins in Frank, Alberta. Our site had a nice spot of grass too! For those of you that tent camp, you’ll know how important this can be, especially in areas of the world that don’t normally have grass. The day ended with over 300 miles on the odometer! We rode for almost 12 hours and the exhaustion was real! Day 2 is planned to be a much shorter day, about half the miles, as we make our way to Banff!

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  • Mom:

    I wish Dad was more adventuresome and let us come with you! Beautiful pics or course. Hey, what kind of shenanigans did you two do?
    Did you have nice shower houses at the campgrounds?

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