Canada Adventure 2015 Day 10

The last day of our journey brought us back into the US to start the day. We left the campsite around 7:30 am and we were very disappointed that we couldn’t find a single restaurant open, not to mention any gas station within 30 miles. The route that was planned had us going offroad for 130 miles just minutes from the border. However, since we needed fuel for the bikes and for ourselves, we had to deviate from the plan, heading further West into Idaho for gas and brekky.

Just like Canada, and Montana previously, Idaho was also on fire and we got to see those fires from the mountains first hand as almost every valley we went through was filled with smoke.


After stopping for fuel we took US 2 down to Libby, Montana to pick up the track again. We were not upset by the highway we were forced to travel as it was a nice winding two lane blacktop that followed a river.


Picking up the trail again, we found ourselves on a narrow, old, and practically abandoned road that chased another river and paced a railroad track.


This became a hot, dusty trail over another mountain as we got closer to Tally Lake and Kalispell.


Finally, 10 days, 1900 miles, and another great adventure under our belts later, we arrived back at the truck in Big Fork, MT! Thanks for following our journey!


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