Canada Adventure 2015 Day 6

Staying at Fin Tum Tum was excellent although we did get rained on all night. The next morning we packed up and worked our way South looking for a way out of the mountains for gas. About 2 hours later and we had arrived at a tiny logging village with a simple old general store with two gas pumps. We got gas, pizza by the slice, and some Jones soda while we relaxed and I had a chance to charge up the Canon battery a bit.

Then it was back up the mountain to continue on down the trail. On the way we passed one of the most picturesque lakes on the trip!


A little while later we arrived in Seymour Arm off the northern tip of Shuswap Lake. We had a drink and discussed the route with a local who advised us on a way over the mountains to Revelstoke, our destination for the day, since one of the bridges was out. Little did we know that the bridge we were going to take was perfectly fine but we took a wrong turn anyway and ended up lost for 3 hours or so on a multitude of dead end logging trails.


Finally, with twilight approaching, we got back on the original route that we had on the GPS which was correct all along. We were low on gas and the one station in Seymour Arm was closed by the time we got back there. We had enough gas to get us over the mountain and to highway 1 if we didn’t make any more mistakes. We decided to risk it and endure the night ride to make it to Revelstoke and the promise of a motel bed and a shower.

Right after we made that decision, an ominous storm cloud appears directly over us, and nowhere else, and dumps rain so hard it can be felt through our gear as we fly along the dirt road up the mountain. Two and a half hours, and 60 miles later, we made it to highway 1. We filled up with gas at a station that was kind enough to turn on their pumps for us after just closing. Thirty minutes later we were in Revelstoke at about 10:30pm. Twelve hours and over 300 miles of mostly dirt riding and we were exhausted. We found one of the last motels with vacancy after riding around for another half hour and proceeded to shower, then we found the local Denny’s still open. It had been 12 hours since we had last eaten!

That was very likely the longest day either of us have ever had on a motorcycle. A rest day would soon be needed.

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