Canada Adventure 2015 Day 9

Up at a casual 8:00 AM, we showered, loaded up the bikes, and were out on the road again before long. It was a quick ride down the road as we inquired at a golf course restaurant as to where brekky could be found. The place we inquired at was closed but he pointed us 2 miles down the road to another golf course restaurant where we sat on their patio sipping our coffee and enjoying the morning.

After we were satisfied, it was a couple more miles to another ferry that would take us across the lake to continue the last day of riding in Canada!


We would take the Grey Creek Pass over the mountain today to the Kimberley/Cranbrook area, then south to a small campground near the border.


The day was fairly uneventful and it got quite warm once the sun hit its zenith. We got to the campground around 7pm to secure a nice spot. Then road around to find not a single restaurant open past 7. So we procured supplies at a local gas station, cooked our meals and we off to sleep. Tomorrow we would cross the border!

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