DR650 Builds

To begin our first and subsequent journeys, we would need motorbikes.  Not just any motorbike would do.  It would have to be powerful enough to carry us and our gear, versatile enough to handle the trails and rough terrain we would encounter, and reliable enough to not leave us stranded too often.  Did I mention it would also have to be relatively cheap.  This left us with one clear option.  The Suzuki DR650SE.  A motorbike with a powerful 650cc single cylinder engine and a rear subframe to handle modifications.  Though a big motorbike, it has also been proven to handle tough terrain as well.


2010 DR650 Build (Trans America Trail)

2014 DR650 Build

2 Responses to “DR650 Builds”

  • Alistair:

    g’day from Australia, just wondering how you rate the X2 replacement dual lights over the stock headlight, without the additional side spot lights.
    I’m considering te same for my DR
    Montville Qld Australia

  • Seeking Zero:

    Hi Alistair

    The X2’s headlight was not better than stock. I got it for aesthetic purposes only. You might try the X2 the HID light as I’m told that is much better.

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