Stator Rewire

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I felt that my motorbike would need more wattage available, if not now then in the future.  So I decided to follow ProCycle’s write up and rewire my stator from a wye configuration to a delta.

1. To begin, remove the left side cover of the engine (i.e. stator cover). There is oil in it so have a bucket ready. There are 11 screws, one is longer than the rest, make sure to mark where it goes. Also, be careful not to damage the dowel pin. If you are careful not to damage the gasket (assuming it comes off with the cover) you can reuse. So don’t damage it like I did!  Also make a note of how the wires are ziptied to the stator.IMG_4667

2. Next, remove the piece that holds down the wires with two philips head screws and then the stator itself held in with 3 allen head screws. I also removed the wire holder off of the stator for ease of access.IMG_4684a

3. Right now the stator is wye wound. We are going to rewire it so that it is delta wound.

4. Notice the yellow wires running along the wire loops. Those are the wires labeled A, B, and C that come out of the motor and go to the voltage regulator. Their end connections are all connected together at the wye connection lead, or based off of the wye diagram they are all connected in the “center.”IMG_4668


5. Cut the wye connection, sever the wires and pull them apart. The whole thing is covered in a resin to prevent shorting so you’ll need some needle nose pliers, but be careful not to damage the wires in anyway. Once cut you should have 3 different length wires. Then, lay the cut wires out alongside the yellow wires. Use a utility knife and gently cut open the the casing at the appropriate length. (cut as if you were whittling wood so as not to damage the wires underneath) It doesn’t matter which wire is connected to which so long as the wye end of the coil isn’t connected to its own yellow wire connection. To make sure you don’t do this grab a voltmeter set to resistance and touch a yellow wire to each wye end. If nothing happens you’re good. If the resistance jumps to some negative number you have the other end of the wire.




7. Next you’ll need some epoxy. (I had some general purpose from wal-mart that I am hoping will do the job) Mix the epoxy and cover up the spliced connection to prevent any shorting.IMG_4677


8. Re-ziptie the wires back in place and put it all back together.

The Delta connection will produce 70% of the voltage output and 140% of the current output of a Y connection with the same windings. See Luke’s post on Stators Demystified.

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