Mountain Bound 2016 Day 5

On the fifth day, the trio would come to an end. After all the fun we had traversing the White Rim Trail the day before, we made it back to the campsite just after dark, ate dinner and slept under the stars. We woke up around 4 AM in Canyonlands to pack up and start the hour ride out to make it to HWY 191 so that Ryan could head back to catch a flight out of Denver that day. I was able to get a video of riding through Canyonlands at night and will have that uploaded soon once I go through all the footage.

After partings ways, Chris and I made our way South back into Moab, had breakfast after waiting on the diner to open, then continued on into the La Sal Mountains back to Colorado. As we started Eastward and climbed in elevation, the rain began.


The rain did not stop all day. I do like riding in the rain, but it doesn’t provide a great atmosphere for a lot of photos so that’s all we got for the day. From the La Sal Mountains, we slabbed it in the thunderstorms to Telluride and then South to Ophir Pass into Silverton for the night.

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