Mountain Bound 2016 Day 8

We woke up sometime after the sun had risen in the wilderness and packed up to continue our trek down to Salida, Colorado where we had our last breakfast stop at a local diner.

After gassing up and filling up on water, we continued on into Pike National Forest for the rest of the day.


This day was also an easy pace with not a lot of mile to cover and some great peaceful riding. One of our last stops of the day brought us to a campground South of Bailey, CO where we found the classiest outhouse.


After that last break and taking some time to enjoy the nice creek running through the campground, we finished out the day back into Denver to pack the bikes back on the truck. While this trip was our shortest one to date, we still covered 2000 miles in the 8 days we were out and thoroughly enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the mountains. They call to us often and when they do, we will always answer the call. The next journey promises to be the best one yet!

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