New Zealand 2017

We’re finally making our dreams a reality. A year ago I decided I was going to work from another country for a while. Why not make it a country that’s on my list of destinations to explore from a motorcycle!? After a lot of planning and re-planning, our adventure of 2017 was ready to take off!

December 12th, 2017 began our journey of the South Island of New Zealand and a 5 day, 1300 mile adventure! I had my spot with me, but it was only for emergencies this time, so there was no track to follow. This trip has been unlike our previous adventure rides and claimed a lot of ‘firsts’. It’s the first adventure that has been all highway, no dirt, the first on bikes that were not our own, and the first adventure with our significant others!

I hope you all enjoy the journey that starts on Day 1!


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