Mountain Bound 2016 Day 3

After lunch, we found the dirt as we wound our way up the La Salle Mountains. This was the best riding of the day and gave us some amazing views and potential camp spots that we marked if we ever do a trip in this area again. IMG_20160803_150559 Read the rest of this entry »

Mountain Bound 2016 Day 2

Before we reached the summit pass, there was a great section of an off-road truck climb that looked pretty challenging and we had unintentionally gone around. IMG_20160802_170515 Read the rest of this entry »

Mountain Bound 2016 Day 1

By mid-afternoon we had reached the base of Mount Princeton and Mount Antero to traverse Hancock Pass. IMG_20160801_193318 Read the rest of this entry »

Mountain Bound 2016

We loved the US Rocky Mountains in 2014 so much, we’ve decided to ride them again! This year’s trip will be the shortest we’ve ever done but any reprieve is better than none at all. We leave on August 1st and will be in the mountains traversing our way to Moab, UT, before finding out way back via a few different routes.

The DR650’s shall again be our bike of choice for this trip and we have picked the aggressive tires again for all the off-road passes we will find ourselves on. Follow along on this site or in real time via SPOT as we adventure back to the mountains!

Canada Adventure 2015 Day 10

Picking up the trail again, we found ourselves on a narrow, old, and practically abandoned road that chased another river and paced a railroad track. IMG_3827 Read the rest of this entry »
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