Still Nevada

I limped into Battle Mountain and got my box “reattached.”

We stayed at the Big Chief Inn in Battle Mountain which was the nicest and cheapest place we have stayed the whole trip…we even got breakfast.

So after bringing all their food we gassed up for another day.

And the roads just got “better”…

Until we couldn’t even find the road…

And finally my rack could take it no more.

So we split up the boxes and I strapped what was left of my rack to the bike along with my side plastics since the bolts vibrated out.

And headed off for more.

A short while later, we reach the summit of these Nevada hills.

Then Chris did this…I’m not sure how. Nevada road – 1, Chris – 0.

More horses.

Then we got into some two track that was camouflaged by foliage.

We never made it to Denio for the night. It was getting dark by the time we made it to McDermitt and there were some pretty bad thunderstorms to the west. So we got a motel in McDermitt. I pitched my rack, got some bolts for my side plastics and had to take of my windscreen as well.

The road to Denio was a bit more pleasant, but not enough for my top rack to bear.

Since my top rack wasn’t designed to carry the weight I was putting on it, another weld broke and sheared another grade 8 bolt.

At Denio Junction we parted ways. I took highway 140 to Lakeview, while Tavis and Chris got back on the trail. So here are some pictures from the road and the trail.

While the other two were on the trail, I got into Lakeview and found a guy to weld my rack for me.

Then I went up to Cave Lake Campground, and back tracked the trail to meet up with Chris and Tavis who were only about 3 miles out.

Then 4 miles back to Cave Lake Campground in California where we stayed for the night.

On to Oregon.

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  • Tim Yow / Rydnfool:

    You reminded me of a trip to Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse in ‘o6 when I was using Mermite military food containers for Panniers and one of my mounts broke off as well. I was carrying way too much weight too.
    You guys are tough !!!!!!!!

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